Let's face it -- car shopping should be fun since you're trying on vehicles and deciding which one represents you to the world at large. Unfortunately, most people we know have a negative association with the idea of financing their car. Sadly, too many folks have had an unpleasant experience previously, where the process took entirely too long, felt extremely impersonal, and, frankly, destroyed the good mood they'd built up while checking out the various options.

Thanks to the professionals in our Finance Center, those days are a thing of the past at The Schumacher Chevrolet Group. Their entire focus is on making sure that your financing experience with us is a pleasant, relaxed one.

Our financing experts take the time to determine your priorities when you're buying your next Chevrolet car, pickup, or SUV, which helps them come up with the loan or Chevy lease options that best fit your budget. They also make sure to clearly explain what's happening at every step of the process, and check to ensure that you're comfortable with the financing terms you're agreeing to.

We make it easier than ever to start the process from the comfort and convenience of your home, thanks to online tools allow you to get an evaluation of your trade-in vehicle's worth and estimate your payments to figure out how big of a loan you can afford. We even have a secure, online credit application so that you can get almost all of the paperwork out of the way before you visit our showroom, providing you with more time to check out the various models you're interested in.

At The Schumacher Chevrolet Group, our goal is to make the car financing process as relaxed as possible for our customers from the Little Falls, Clifton, Denville, and Livingston areas. We look forward to crunching the numbers for you!

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