Here in Clifton, NJ many people are starting to think about their next vehicle purchase to fully enjoy the summer. Of course we here at The Schumacher Chevrolet Group firmly believe your next option is here in our new vehicle lineup. That's because there's a quality selection that provides options for all, but also because new Chevy vehicles provide lots of standout technology.

With features like touch display and Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ offering you standout connectivity via your smartphone on the go, and with an interface that you're familiar with, it means you can be in touch safely as you drive, but is also means you're still using your phone, and that of course can drain the battery. All Chevy models have ways that you can charge your car using a port or jack that's onboard, but newer models also offer available in-car wireless phone charging, so you can get rid of the cord and know your phone will be charged up when you need it.

It works by setting it on the charging pad or pocket and a compatible phone will start providing more power to your phone's battery. It's simple, and it's a life saver, especially for those of us who use our phone frequently and might not always have a charger around.

This technology and so much more is available on many new Chevrolet vehicles in our Clifton area showroom, and if you'd like to learn more, we'd be happy to provide you with all the details, answer any questions and set up test drives today so stop in and see us soon!

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