Schumacher Chevrolet has an 85 year history of fair and equitable dealing in the auto industry.  We have been buying and selling vehicles to and from our customers in pretty much the same manner as when we began.  In certain circumstances that starts with the appraisal process of your current vehicle.  Below is a step by step guide regarding our process of determining your fair offer:

1.    MARKET CONDITIONS:  Our pulse is on the day to day workings of the automobile industry.  We understand current market conditions, national and regional sales trends as well as auction data which gives us a starting point to determine a fair market value for your vehicle.

2.    INSPECTION PROCESS:  Our team of appraisers will inspect both the inside and outside of your vehicle.  While minor imperfections rarely effect our offer, major defects could have a substantial impact.

3.    OUR TEST DRIVE:  Usually, we prefer you to test drive our vehicles.  However, during this process we test drive yours in order for us to determine the same sort of issues that you look for on your test drive.  We would like to know whether, among other things, the brakes, lights and mechanics are in good working order.  If your vehicle requires repairs, your offer may be impacted.

4.    CARFAX:    Carfax is simply a vehicle history report of your car.  We take this report into account when determining your offer.